Action For Hydrocephalus:

INFORMS by designing and developing simple diagnostic aids for families to assess their own children for early symptoms of hydrocephalus.

​TRAINS by working with existing programmes to establish training exchanges between the UK and overseas .

ACTS by sending donated shunts and vital neurosurgical equipment from UK donors to developing countries and areas which lack such items or where the cost is simply too high for poorer families to afford.

By working with those in the UK and those overseas who have a common desire to improve the chances of babies and children with this life-threatening condition, we can provide hope and opportunity for the future.

Hydrocephalus will not cure itself.  It needs action.

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​​Action For Hydrocephalus

​​Registered Charity Number 1169606



Hydrocephalus affects over 300,000 children each year in the developing world. Resources and funds to treat it successfully are severely limited, resulting in disability and death for the majority. It does not have to be this way. Hydrocephalus is simple to treat if detected early and a child who has received this treatment can live a relatively normal life.

Action For Hydrocephalus aims to inform, train and act to improve the chances of these affected infants and children living a life worth living.