SOPHYSA: With us from day one.  They donated some of the first shunts we sent to Uganda and have also donated for the recent big trip to Ethiopia. Their ethos of supporting those in need as well as being the largest European manufacturer for hydrocephalus treatment has meant that we have been able to deliver good news to surgeons overseas!  These shunts are of excellent quality and the first surgeon to receive some emailed to express his gratitude and remarked 'they are like gold dust!'.  Wonderful company to deal with.

DePuy Synthes and Codman Neuro UK: Also working with us from our first donation to Uganda, Codman have donated their excellent shunts and valves with a willingness to help which has been overwhelming, especially when you're working to a tight deadline with children lying ready to be operated on overseas! Jordan Adams (one of our CEO's and who has hydrocephalus herself) had a Codman shunt herself when she was first diagnosed so she can vouch herself as to how good they are!  

our partners

Ciara Baxter from Reach Another Foundation, Lewis Thorne and Jordan Adams with donations from Single Use Surgical and Sophysa

Check out this heartwarming and inspiring video by our partners:

Single Use Surgical: Our newest friends and another valued relationship.  This UK-based company donated literally thousands of pounds-worth of surgical equipment earlier this year (2016) to enable us to help equip the team from Reach Another Foundation flying out to Ethiopia.  Retractors, gigli saws, suction tubes - enough items were donated to ensure the expedition was a success (none of these items are available in Ethiopia).  Such a friendly team to work with and we hope to continue to have their support (and support them in return!) for future projects.  

Reach Another Foundation: Jordan Adams found Marinus Koning and his organisation when she was looking for charities overseas who might be in need of some shunts offered by Codman Neuro UK.  One donation, many phone calls/emails and two meetings later and we are very pleased to say they are our partners and we are now able to assist them on their projects.  We helped to equip their most recent expedition to Ethiopia with the aide of our donors (listed below).  Since launching a hydrocephalus campaign in 2011, Reach Another Foundation had facilitated surgery for 1000 babies by the end of 2015.  We are now working on developing a training exchange between the National Hospital For Neurology And Neurosurgery in Queen Square, London and the hospitals in Ethiopia participating in their current scheme; Lewis Thorne and Greg James will soon be travelling out to Ethiopia to start heading the UK-end of the project. Reach Another Foundation also work with autistic children and recently opened Ethiopia's first treatment centre for autism.  Do visit their website to see more of their inspiring and extraordinary work -  

​​Action For Hydrocephalus

​​Registered Charity Number 1169606

We have been lucky from the very beginning with the overwhelming generosity of hospitals and manufacturers donating thousands of pounds-worth of neurosurgical and medical equipment for us to send to Uganda, Vietnam, Kenya and Ethiopia.  Without them, so many children would still be without treatment.  Feel free to drop them a line and tell them they're awesome! (If you click on their logos, you can have a gander around their own websites).  If you are a manufacturer or hospital/medical outlet who would like to get involved with donations or sponsorship for our projects, please do get in touch; we'd love to hear from you and have a chat about your ideas. 

our donors